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Subject: Some manners of eating
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amin_999 29.03.12 - 03:48am
1. Wash hands before and after eating, 2. No use of towel after washing hands before eating. 3. Hands should be dried up with a towel after washing them at the end of eating session, 4. Hands should be washed both upto the wrist. Some people wash only one hand and some wash only the pores of fingers. This is against the tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). 5. It is better if man himself pours water on his own hands one by one, 6. An impure man (who needs a bath after the discharge of ) should also wash his mouth alongwith both the hands. The menstruating woman need not wash her mouth before taking meals, 7. It is advisable to begin washing of hands from the younger members before the start of dinner. The washing of hands after the food should start from the elders, 8. Recite Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim or Bismillah in a louder voice so that co-eaters may also follow the recitation, 9. Don't keep any dish over the bread, 10. Don't wipe off hands or knife with the bread, 11. It is against the table manners to eat with an uncovered head or using a pillow as a support, 12. Eating only the middle portion of bread by throwing the rest is not desirable, 13. Start eating as soon as the beard is served, without waiting for the curry. That is why it is better to serve the bread at the end of sdrvice, 14. Start eating from one side of the bowl or plate and not from the middle of the utensil, 15. Start eating with the salt and finish eating with the same as it drives away seventy diseases, 16. It is undesirable to eat things while walking on the road or standing at public places. *

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