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Subject: What Quran N Bible says about the Earth?
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sss_999 21.04.12 - 01:51am

It was 1597 when Francis drake's when he sailed around the earth and then he proved that the earth was let see What's the Quran said about the Earth 1400 years ago.Quran:79: 30-31 And the earth, moreover, hath He 'dahaha' He draweth out therefrom its moisture and its pasture I kept the Arabic word dahaha in its original Arabic form because of the different meanings it has... The word dahaha is derived from the Arabic word daha. The following meanings derive from the word daha 1. To extend. 2. To roll. 3. To even out. 4. Causing to become egg-shaped or creating, making or producing eggs. Amazingly all of dahaha's meanings regarding scientifically true! Scientists have proven that the earth have gone through several stages and shapes. All of these meanings perfectly apply to our planet and the stages that it went through. E.g. dahaha = expansion refers to the expansion of the earth after it was at one point all covered with land with shallow and limited bodies of water. The vast bodies of water that we have today (70%), happened after the expansion of the earth. Yusuf Ali's translation 79: 30-31 '30' And the earth, moreover, hath He extended (to a wide expanse) '31' He draweth out therefrom its moisture and its pasture. These confirm the previous scientific discovery. Khalifa has chosen to translate the word dahaha to egg-shaped (Which is also correct). Therefore, we read his translation as 79:30 He made the earth egg-shaped. The noun dahya is also used by North African Arabs in reference to an egg. It doesn't refer a normal egg. It refers to the egg of an ostrich. We know that the world is not completely round like a ball but it's geo-spherical in shape its flat from the poles and if you an*lyze the shape of the egg of an ostrich that two is geo-spherical in shape.PfJWJjM23fJnoNT8qjzB.jpg8mnPU97r0OLQ872i6uIa.jpg *

amin_999 21.04.12 - 04:38am
or, READ AGAIN 79:30 He(Allah) made the earth egg-shaped. Of course, eggs vary in shapes, roundness and sizes. Many eggs do resemble the shape of earth!wVLHrPV2oJXxt2Ger96w.jpgPfJWJjM23fJnoNT8qjzB.jpgBrTa5OJ7bQ8DIg5dsEfJ.jpg82JLNP46aY95RX9jLHJs.jpg *

amin_999 21.04.12 - 04:58am
The hidden Miracles of the word dahaha don't stop here. The earth is divided into three MAIN portions. They are: The Core, mantle and the crust. If you cut half a boiled egg, you'll see the same three portions, They are: The yolk, the white and the crust!2dWch5Cz7EKPFAnFPBLQ.jpg *

amin_999 21.04.12 - 05:07am

amin_999 21.04.12 - 05:17am
Allah's miraculous choice of choosing one Arabic word to talk about the earth's expansion from its sides and its physical egg-shape, etc, is truly amazing. But the hidden Miracles of the word don't stop here either. Astronomers have also discovered that the earth's orbit around the sun is also shaped like an egg!fOI7fdPE183H7BmZqt4U.jpg *

sss_999 22.04.12 - 12:23am
Quran [039:005] He(Allah) created the Heavens and the earth in true (proportions): He makes the Night overlap the Day, and the Day overlap the Night:.. The Arabic word which is translated as overlap in the previous verse is takwir. In English, it means to make one thing lap over another, folded up as a garment that is laid away. In Arabic dictionaries this word is used for the action of wrapping one thing around another, in the way that a turban is put on. The information given in the verse about the day and the night overlapping each other up includes accurate information about the shape of the world. This can be true only if the Earth is round. *

sss_999 29.04.12 - 10:00pm
Surah At Talaq: (12)-Allah is He Who created seven Firmaments and of the earth a similar number. Through the midst of them (all) descends His Command: that ye may know that Allah has power over all things, and that Allah comprehends, all things in (His) knowledge.

zHsF9TjIuKuMUN6.jpg *

sss_999 30.04.12 - 03:19am
what's the bible saying about the Earth? In New Testament it says Then the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time (Luke 4:5). Now, even if you go to the highest mountain in the world... that is Mount Everest, and supposing, you have a very good vision, and can see for thousands of miles together Yet, you'll not be able to see all the kingdom of the world. Because today we know, the earth is spherical. You'll not be able to see the kingdom, of the opposite side of the world. The only way you'll be able to see, if the earth was FLAT... *

amin_999 30.04.12 - 03:58am
It says in the Bible in (Daniel, Chapter 4, Verses 10 to 11) it says that in a dream, that the tree grew up into the heaven, and there it grew up so much, that everyone from all the ends of the earth, they could see the tree. This is only possible, if the shape of the earth was flat. *

amin_999 30.04.12 - 04:10am
In the Bible its say ... The world also is firmly established. It shall not be moved. (1st chronicles 16:30)The same is repeated in the book of Psalms, Chapter 93, Verse 1. that... ...Surely the world is established, so that it cannot be moved. This goes against all established science. *

amin_999 30.04.12 - 04:25am
The Bible says in job. Chapter 26, Verse 11 says:The pillars of heaven tremble... Allah says in the Qur'an in surah 31. Verse 10: He created the heavens without any pillars.... Not only that but- Bible says in (1st Samuel, Chapter 2 Verses 8), as well as in (Job Chapter 9, Verse 6) and the book of (Psalms Chapter 75, Verse 3) that even the Earth has got pillars. *

amin_999 28.06.12 - 12:56am

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