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Subject: Islamic Knowledge
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sss_999 13.07.12 - 12:08am
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sss_999 13.07.12 - 12:09am
Islamic Knowledge:

Bosnian Muslims, They killed 300 thousand Muslims...:( Today is the 20th anniversary of the genocidal war waged by the Serbs against the Bosnian Muslims, They killed 300 thousand Muslims , and d about 60 thousand women and girls and they used to the muslim woman to make her pregnant and imprison her in jail until she give birth to her child ,they say that they wanted to make an end to Bosnian people , and in this war they abandonned about a half million civilians , Then they come today to teach us peace and love and respect and freedom and they accuse Islam of terrorism ,isnt that funny ??? all we have to say is : No thank you we know what you mean by freedom and peace , and we have our religion and we are proud of it , we dont need you to teach us peace because we know your blood history ....and Islam is coming like it or hate it but Islam is comingImaan *

sss_999 13.07.12 - 12:21am
Mohaiminul Islam Mufti:

@Krallis,Ottoman era? Well, I read that history and found nothing equal to the murdered 1 Million civilians of Iraq, 200 thousand civilians of Afghanistan, and 30 thousand civilians of Pakistan.

The Crusade of Christians against:-
1. India (17th-20th century).
2. Bangladesh (17th-20th century).
3. Pakistan (17th-20th century and again in 21st century).
4. Iraq (21st century).
5. Afghanistan (21st century).
6. Muslims and Jews of Spain (14th-15th century).
7. Algeria (20th century). *

amin_999 17.07.12 - 11:43pm
The Crusade of Christians against:
-8. Palestine (20th-21st century).
9. Bosnia (20th century).
10. Chechnia (20th-21st century).
11. Dagestan (20th-21st century).
12. Somalia (21st century).
13. Yemen (21st century).
14. Morocco (20th century).
15. Ottoman Empire (since its birth).
16. Western Sahara (20th century).
17. Mauritania (20th century).
18. Senegal (20th century).
19. Burma (19th-20th century).
20. Bashkiristan. (20th-21st century).
21.Lebanon (20th-21st century).
22.Jordan (20th-21st century). *

amin_999 17.07.12 - 11:45pm
Mohaiminul Islam MuftiOh! Sorry, I forgot the crusade of christian polytheists against Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Sierra Leone, Egypt and many other Muslim countries of West Africa whom the christian polytheists of France occupied and killed many of those peaceful Muslim countries.Now, these polytheist crusaders are burning Qur'an in Muslim lands, killing Muslims in Muslim lands, urinating corpses of Muslims in Muslim lands, women in Muslim lands, destroying Mosques in Muslim lands..... CRUSADE IN THE NAME OF JESUS..... *

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